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Burrowes Park Duck Egg Aioli - 245g

Burrowes Park Duck Egg Aioli - 245g

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Burrowes Parkย Aioli is made light and creamy with pasture raised duck eggs from our farm, a big dollop of garlic that's been slow cooked for 18 hours and a little fresh garlic for brightness. Use instead of a traditional mayo or butter on your toasted sandwiches and hamburgers for an amazing flavour boost!

Tested Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Suitable for Ovo-Vegetariansย 

ย Australian Food Awards 2023 Gold Medal Winnerย  ย  ย Australian Food Awards 2019 Silver Medal Winner
Australian Food Awards
ย  ย  Gold Medal Winner 2023ย  ย  ย Silver Medal Winner 2019ย 
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