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Burrowes Park Miso Duck Egg Mayonnaise - 245g

Burrowes Park Miso Duck Egg Mayonnaise - 245g

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Burrowes Park Miso Mayonnaise is Japanese style mayonnaise made light and creamy with pasture raised duck eggs and certified organic white miso paste for a smooth, sweet and savoury mayonnaise. One of our two "Everyday Mayonnaises" along with our Traditional Mayonnaise, this mayonnaise is the perfect addition to sandwiches both fresh and toasted, salads, coleslaw and anywhere else you'd use a regular mayonnaise. Miso Mayo is also a fantastic base for mixing with other flavours, and combined with our Habamango Barbecue sauce makes a delicious update to the classic Japanese Tonkatsu. Contains Eggs and Soy

Tested Gluten Free - Dairy Free - Suitable for Ovo-Vegetarians 

AFA Gold Medal Winner, 2023

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